Rolling Ball


Roll your way through winding levels



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Rolling Ball is a 3D platformer where players control a sphere that they'll have to use to wind themselves through intricate scenes full of falls and other dangers. The objective in each of the levels is to make it all the way to the end of the circuit with your ball, safe and sound.

Controls in Rolling Ball are very simple. Swiping your finger across the screen controls how fast your ball rolls. Similarly, if you swipe in the opposite direction, your ball starts to slow down. Quite intuitive, right?

In Rolling Ball you'll find over fifty different stages. Initial scenes are relatively simple, but as you progress you'll soon find out that unlocking new levels means swerving your way round moving platforms or solving puzzles.

Rolling Ball is a platformer that keeps things interesting despite its particular lack of originality. That being said, it offers players a paced, relaxing journey.

Android 2.1 or higher required

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